Be the Difference | Be Out of This World 

In every stitch, in every thread, in every needle that passes through our denim came with a sacrifice. A sacrifice of our time, and our future because we are taking risks to be the difference in the fashion industry. A sacrifice like Jesus did on the cross dying for our sins, for us to have salvation and for us to have life. We chose to make the best of our lives and have a purpose to use our platform to encourage everyone to stand out, to be the difference, to be Out of This World. Every piece we create is a sacrifice, for every human-being to wear, to feel alive & to give them life. As Jesus blood was pouring down his body while being crucify. We pour out our heart and we crucify what's stopping us from creating and from seeing every human-being having life. As you read this I wanted to make this collection based on the sacrifice Jesus made in order for me to have life in this world I was placed in because we are not from this world, we are Out of This World.

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