If you want to see a change, you have to be the change. After leaving this site you will never want to think small again, you are going to be inspired. OTW stands for Out of This World. OTW Threads is a nonconforming, out-of-the-box independent, one women-owned High-end Streetwear brand.  

75% of our collections are sustainable fashion, eliminating excessive water waste and fabric waste. Every piece counts. Yaya uses what she has and survives all trying times, while standing firm in OTW's enduring brand spirit. With a focus on genderless clothing, we stand for Individuality. There is something special here for everyone. All garments constructed and sent to you from the Creative Director/Artist behind the brand, Janirah "Yaya" Correa. 

Out of This World Threads is designed for artists and fashion enthusiasts. It is designed to inspire your way of thinking, expand your perspective, and most importantly, empower you through clothing. Customers choose our product because it pushes the envelope on basic fashion industry perspectives. Statement pieces are made here so be ready to make some noise when worn.